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HCM Cigar Beads For your humidor

HCM beads are the only humidification device available for your humidor that you will never have to replace. HCM beads are preset to 65% RH (you can raise or lower this if you choose), and will maintain your humidor for as long as you own them.

HCM beads are made of a completely different composition and work completely differently than anything else out there. These revolutionary beads react and recover over 800% faster and hold over 500% more water per volume.

They last a lifetime with proper care, and nothing else even comes close to that.

The only real similarity to other bead products is that they are both called beads and we use them in our humidors.

Check Out Our Newest Product: 1 Inch Bead Canisters!

Our new Bead Canisters are packaged in hard plastic tubes:

1 Inch Bead Canister

Just like our bead bags, these are preset to 65% RH (which you can raise or lower). This newest Bead Canister is available now!

Single HCM Bead Zoomed In This image was taken with an Electron Microscope; it is a single HCM bead. Click on it to see a larger image; note the "spongy" surface that makes the HCM bead so superb at collecting moisture!

All HCM Bead Products
HCM Beads work! They will maintain the RH of your humidor for as long as you need them to!

Why HCM Beads?

Unlike silica-based products, HCM beads do not deteriorate with use. If the RH of the beads is not what you desire, you can simply raise or lower the RH of the beads to your desired level.

The beads themselves do not absorb anything but moisture and ammonia, so they never become contaminated by free hydrocarbons or other matter the way silica-based products do. (This is why the silica-based products turn yellow over time).